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About this site

Janet’s Herb Pages is a private project meant to share the author’s enthusiasm for herbs

All information within is offered As Is, with no warranties either real or implied.


My garden
grows in a lovely little pocket of Zone 6b in the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scota. Twenty years ago, I went out on my bicycle looking for land. I found a rocky old cow pasture with a rough tractor road running in.

Since then, I reclaimed the orginal spring fed pond and had a second spring fed pond dug. Later on I sculpted a lovely little ornamental pond in the middle of the front yard. When I say that I love ponds the way some women love shoes, I am not kidding.


My gardening style
If I had to define my gardening style, it would be called something like “Happy Hodge Podge Cottage Garden meets Wildlife Friendly Kitchen Garden. Although I do grow Medicinal, Culinary, Tea and Dye Herbs, they are scattered throughout the gardens.

All plants, including my herbs, are grouped instead with plants that either have similar needs or with good “companions”.


Janet’s Herb Pages
Has been a work in progress for years. So why isn’t it already finished? Besides the teeny little detail that no garden is .. in my not so humble opinion … never really finished and complete?

The short version is that I am pretty darned busy at the same time that I should be taking pictures of my herbs. There are no leprechauns to till and plant and weed and harvest. Then this year, I had a little epipheny and realized I do not have to build the whole thing at once. That it is just fine to build it up gradually, one herb at a time. So THAT is what I am going to do

BB Janet