Can i buy seeds and plants from you?
No. This is not a business. It is a private project meant to share the lessons I have learned over the years about herbs. Helpful Hint: I have listed my favourite suppliers of seeds and plants in the Sourcery.

Can I grow all the herbs that I see here?
That depends upon where you live. I am lucky enough to ive in a lovely little pocket of Zone 6B, which is admitedly much balmier than much of Canada. Not sure what your gardening zone is? You can either ask your local nursery or garden club or CLICK HERE for a Canadian Garden Zone Map.

Are garden zones the only limit on what i can grow?
No. Every province in Canada has its own Department of Agriculture with its own list of plants that are banned for import because they are too invasive. To the best of my knowledge, the reputable seed and plant companies lsited in the Sourcery will not sell plants or seeds to areas in which they are prohibited.

Is it better to buy seeds or plants?
I have this (scientifically unproven) theory that I get stronger plants when I start them from seed. It is just frosting on the cake that seeds of any given species are always cheaper to buy than plants.

So why would anyone ever buy plants?
The short answer is that some species are difficult to germinate from seed. In these instances, success may only be possible if one begins with plants and / or rootstock.

Do you offer any guarantees?
No. This is private project documenting my own experiences with herbs and all information here is offered As IS with no warranties or implied guarantees.